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Accurate Grading

Our graders are knowledgeable and skilled in determining grades for your trading cards to provide best feedback for potential crossovers.

Social Media

RCA features our social media user (@rcagrading) we want ourselves to be known on all social media platforms.

Visual Appeal

All one size, with sharp matte black finish to make your trading cards pop.


Submit your sports cards and collectibles. Download our submission form.



Preserve your collection with RCA authentication service with great appeal and protection.

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“RCA saved me hundreds of dollars of grading costs. I only submitted the cards RCA deemed 10\'s and I went 90%”

“\"I used RCA for the first time recently and am thankful I did, because a card I thought would grade well, ended up having a hidden crease I did not see, thanks RCA for catching it for me\"”

\"Super happy with the turnaround of the raw card review service\"

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